About us

Coco Bella Boutique is a lifestyle brand based on high end fashion, for women of all ages.  The Coco Bella Boutique is being designed as a destination – a one-stop-shop for fashion tips, advice, trends and of course access to high-end designer brands.  The Coco Bella Boutique business model offers a sophisticated online experience, which is unique and market leading, taking advantage of consumer sentiment and desires. 


The Coco Bella Boutique will be a confident brand that will push its unique designs to the front line through Coco Bella Boutique’s online facility – offering consumers functionality and usability being the core principles.  While community based trends and social media features are open for exploration, the primary function is to deliver the goods to the end users as quickly as possible.  The aim is to build the brand to where significant sales are being made both locally and internationally, through the website and will ultimately be supported with a dedicated retail store that suit the strength and allure of the brand.


Coco Bella Boutique will focus on establishing and promoting an aspirational-yet-obtainable lifestyle, illustrated through the range of modern runway-style fashion designs and customer service which will become its unique point-of-difference – encapsulating a fashion experience that understands and embraces the identity of the modern woman and her lifestyle in work and in play.


Through ongoing market research and a passion for high end fashion designs, Andrea has recognised an opportunity to provide the retail industry with unique a fashion boutique.  

I would like to thank you all for your continued love and support xx